Mobile clinic campaigns

We drive to areas where people cannot afford veterinary care. We vaccinate & sterilise dogs and cats. We educate on rabies prevention and animal care. 

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Children Educated


Rabies is 100% avoidable if all dogs are vaccinated yearly. We offer vaccinations at our many campaigns. Vaccinate your dog today!


One female cat’s offspring could reach 20,000 in 5 years. A female dog 2900! Sterilisation is the only way to a healthy, small population  


We want our children to be safe with their pets and community dogs and cats. We teach them about dog bites and rabies prevention. 

We invite you to adopt our fabulous Kenya Shepperd Dogs (KSD) or cats. Abandoned, sick or injured, our foster parents make them into whole and happy beings. Find you family member here: 

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Join our team to make a difference, get informed and feel good. We need you! Check our volunteer options here: 


Sponsoring our campaigns means your company will save lives in a weekend. Find out how: 

Do It Yourself

DIY: partner with your community and TNR to create a small, healthy pet population in your neighbourhood.

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Who we are

“Community Health through Animal Welfare’. We aim to eradicate rabies in Kenya through vaccination, sterilizations of dogs & cats and education of the public.