What We Do

“Community Health through Animal Welfare’’ is our motto. Our Mission is to enhance community health through manageable healthy pet population by means of neutering and rabies campaigns, community education and enforced legal frameworks.

Mobile Clinic

The arrival of the long-awaited TNR Trust Mobile Clinic is imminent. We will be ready to tow out in a few weeks! In collaboration with qualified vets, veterinary students and the county, we aim to educate communities on the personal benefits…

Make a Donation

OUR COMMUNITY – YOUR BUSINESS? Would you agree that all of us have a right to live in a safe, clean and healthy environment? Rabies vaccines cost very little (60 Ksh!) and have a big impact. Your contribution will make that difference as…


Launch of the TNR Trust Mobile Clinic

The TNR Trust’s mobile clinic will be on the road in January! Find out how you can help!

WORLD RABIES DAY: Educating the future of this country

Going with the theme for this year’s World Rabies Day that is “Share the Message, Save a Life.” on 21st September, 2018, TNR Trust in collaboration with Friends of Karura held a half day Kids Event at Karura Forest.

Has anyone seen Lucy?

– Curio Shops, Sarit Centre
– Rhapta Road Area
– possible Ridgeways Area (Unconfirmed)