Happy Birthday, TNR!

On December 2nd 2016, TNR Trust had been a Kenyan registered trust for 1 year!


In the first year we have vaccinated nearly 80 animaRabies vaccinls against rabies, spayed/neutered and either rehomed or returned those animals to their habitat while educating people on better animal care.

We have done 5 days of education taking our TNR Booth on the road to big events. We have run children’s quizzes, games and coloring all with a gentle Be Kind to Animals theme, as well as Dog Bite Prevention and Rabies Awareness.

TNR Trust has, thanks to generous animal lovers, run a successful Get Chained Nairobi Campaign that resulted in gifting KSPCA with 111,750 KSH . We have created many educational brochures, that are already producing great results.

I have to thank my small but dedicated band of volunteers. Many thanks to my volunteers, it couldn’t be done without them! In the first quarter of the year, our volunteers numbered FOUR, including me! We are still a small group, but we have diverse skills, so it’s working well. However we could use always use more volunteers.



Amy L. Rapp, TNR Trust Nairobi Founder

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