April began with a bang. A good samaritan in Mwimuto (Nairobi, Kenya) contacted us as he discovered a shockingly thin bitch who was too weak to stand up. He discovered she had 6 puppies and although they were in a compound, the inhabitants neither claimed ownership nor fed her.

Katie and pupsAfter feeding the female for a few days, Kevin called TNR Trust for help. We baptized her “Katie” on the spot and convinced Moses, the compound owner, and his family to feed her and the puppies from donated dog food whilst TNR looked for a solution.

TNR took all animals to the vet for vaccination and treatment.  Katie’s appetite improved day by day and the puppies took less from her as they get solid food several times a day.

20170516 Max blankie.jpgMoses and his family received full information on rabies prevention and his children were happily feeding the dogs. Kevin checked daily how all the animals are doing and ensures medicines are given on time.

We then moved the little furry family to a foster home, where they increased to gain in strength and cuteness. Katie started looking like a normal dog and enjoyed playing with her puppies.

Max was one of the puppies and the first one to find his new family!

We wish him many cuddles and all the best in his new life. Let’s hope his siblings will have equal luck in finding a lovely home.

Look at him trying to sneak a kiss on his delighted new owner

20170516 Max little20170516 Max


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