Out on Call

Shosho and Simba’s Story

A good Samaritan called Kevin contacted us at the end of March 2017. Every day he goes for his morning walk around his neighbourhood in Mwimuto (Nairobi, Kenya) and since this is a more rural part of Nairobi, he meets a lot of free-roaming dogs on his way. He told us he is even known there as “the dog person”.

Kevin took us to the compound of an elderly Kikuyu lady, who we addressed with respect as Shosho (grandmother). She had a young male dog that had been hit by a motorbike 3 months ago. His leg had healed badly over time, which resulted in the poor pup walking on 3 legs only. She told us (through Kevin’s translation) that her dog was “broken” and eyed us a bit suspiciously when we arrived at her door with “the dog person” Kevin.

After explaining to her that we could get him checked by a vet and assuring her that we will bring him back to her, TNR Trust took the animal to the vet for vaccination and treatment. 

Sadly the dog will have to live with his injury, but Shosho was very pleased to receive a certificate of vaccination and information on prevention of Rabies. The vet also prescribed bone movement pills. He can now put a bit of weight on his bad leg, which shows that the pills are working. Kevin checks daily how all the animals are doing and ensures medicines are given on time.

Most dogs do not get names in the rural area as they are often regarded as animals only, not a part of the family. This has nothing to do with being disrespectful towards the animals, it is just the way things work in Kenya. But now Shosho seems to have taken a liking to the pup and she has given him his own name, which is “Simba”.

This story is a good example of TNR Trust Nairobi’s motto, which is “Community health through Animal Welfare”.  We wish Shosho and Simba all the best.

IMG-20170420-Kamau and Shosho


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