3 foster pups getting some good training

Furry Foster Families

TNR Trust Nairobi is built on the generous help of its volunteers and well-wishers. We welcome all kinds of support, from those who graciously share their time and homes with fosters, and also from those who are willing and able to help us cover the financial costs of the work TNR is doing.

Warm, caring foster families are critical to TNR Trust Nairobi’s operations. We are always on the lookout for volunteers to provide a temporary accommodation for our furry friends as they wait for their forever homes. While fostering isn’t easy, it can be extremely rewarding and exciting, as you are making a direct impact on the life of a foster animal. Fosters can volunteer for a set period of time, or agree to care for an animal (or animals) until they are adopted.

If you want to learn more about fostering, please get in touch, and we can connect you with another volunteer who can talk to you from personal experience.

Why does TNR Trust Nairobi use foster families?

  • A puppy/kitten that is too young to be adopted needs a safe place to stay until he or she is old enough to go to a forever home.
  • A dog/cat is recovering from surgery, illness or injury and needs a safe place to recuperate.
  • A dog/cat has not lived in a home before or has not had much contact with people and needs to be socialized

And why should you consider fostering?

  • You will be able to help TNR Trust Nairobi learn more about the dog/cat so he/she can end up in the best home possible.
  • You will give your foster dog/cat the time he/she needs to be ready for adoption.
  • You will be able to assist in socializing the dog to a home environment and possibly getting him used to being around other pets and different types of people.
  • Your foster pet will learn from you that they are loved
  • You will give your foster pet a chance to shine
  • And goodbye is a Happy Ending by making someone else’s family complete

Still not convinced?

It is also a great trial to see if you and your family are ready for a dog.

In Nairobi, a high number of people are expatriates. They often don’t know when or where their next move will take them. Fostering is therefore a great option for them as they can have the companionship while not committing to the dog or cat long term.

If you are considering become a foster family, please contact us for more information by filling in the Contact Form HERE

20170320 Jackson pup training
3 foster pups getting some good training
20161203 Orange Kitten (Muthaiga North)
Little Ginger with her Foster Mummy
20170215 Mikey
Foster Mikey playing with the resident cat
20170516 Max blankie
Katie puppy
Just arrived!


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