World Animal Protection: #BetterLivesForDogs

On 26th of June 2017, TNR Trust Nairobi joined the round table initiated by World Animal Protection. The discussion centered on responsible dog ownership. It was interesting, informative and really nice to be in the company of committed animal lovers. 

Better lives for dogs

World Animal Protection move governments and communities worldwide to create better lives for dogs by ending poor treatment and brutal inhumane culling practices. Humane alternatives to culling don’t only exist – they’re more effective.


Why are dogs culled?

Dogs roam the streets in many parts of the world. But sometimes they may cause concern in the communities where they live.

Roaming dogs may pose a threat to public health by spreading rabies or other diseases, they may cause damage to livestock and wildlife, or they may behave aggressively towards people.

As a result, dogs can become victims of poor treatment, cruelty, and even inhumane culling by governments in a misguided attempt to reduce their numbers. Dragged through the streets, electrocuted, poisoned or gassed – culling is nearly always a horrendous and painful death.

World Animal Protection’s solution

Inhumanely culling dogs is never an answer. The misconception that culling is the best way to reduce dog populations or stamp out threats to public health causes enormous suffering. It’s ineffective too, as evidence shows that culling doesn’t reduce numbers of dogs in the long term.

World Animal Protection works with governments and communities around the world to show them that WAP’s proven methods of humane dog population management are the only way forward.

World Animal Protection follows the International Companion Animal Management (ICAM) coalition’s dog population management methodology. It’s a full cycle of action, addressing the root causes of conflict between roaming dog and communities. World Animal Protection uses it to help governments manage dogs humanely and to help communities to live in harmony with dogs.

The solutions World Animal Protection reaches together can involve educating owners and communities, legislation, dog registration, vaccinating against rabies, sterilisation, rehoming – or a combination of some or all of these.

World Animal Protection helps governments to monitor and evaluate progress too, ensuring we create humane change that lasts.

Together, we can move the world to achieve better lives for dogs.

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World Animal Protection:

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