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From fearing to loving dogs

This is the story of a courageous little girl and her supportive brother.

One day, Esther was bitten by a dog. As rabies is still rampant in Kenya, she had to go immediately to the hospital and received a total of 7 post-exposure vaccinations. This incident caused her to be terrified of dogs.

But her brother did not give up on her. He got here the nice dog which you can see in the picture, just so that his sister would not spend the rest of her life avoiding dogs. They also explained how they are both taking care of the dog and even give her meat!

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting these 2 lively kids when we were doing rabies vaccinations in their neighbourhood. They came up to us and said thank you for all the information and giving their dog a rabies shot.  They even asked information about spaying their dog, which shows a great presence of mind at such a young age! Spaying/Neutering is the only way to keep a healthy dog population in check.

This brother and his sister were both so grateful it warmed our hearts and it reminded us WHY we do what we do and WHAT we strive for: to eliminate rabies in Kenya!



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