TNR Trust reaches out to vets all over the world in order to improve their strategy and knowledge. Here our team met up with vets from the USA

People with similar interests unite!

On the 1st of July 2017, TNR Trust Nairobi met up with Dr Arlene Gardsbane. Dr Gardsbane was visiting from the USA as the Project Coordinator for African Rabies Prevention Project.

TNR Trust Nairobi rallied up some of its key volunteers to meet with her. Dr Gardsbane showed her admiration for the TNR team of committed and talented trustees and volunteers, as we have achieved so much in 18 months that would not have been possible without these people.

Dr Gardsbane was also so kind as to give a big duffle bag of latex gloves, vet wrap, wound spray, Telfa pads etc for the upcoming mobile clinic!!!

20170710 - Meeting with US Vets

DR. ARLENE GARDSBANE has been practicing veterinary medicine since 1987. Her hometown is Shreveport, Louisiana and she obtained her veterinary degree from Louisiana State University. Upon graduation, she moved to Maryland and worked in a small animal practice in Catonsville. After several years, she moved to Florida, gained management skills, returned to Maryland, and then worked in a practice near Andrews Air Base as well as in an emergency hospital, where she further developed her abilities through work experience. Finally, in 1997 Dr. Gardsbane established her own practice in the Aspen Hill area. In addition to caring for your pet companions, she also spends her time on Goodwill Missions and collecting pet food, which she donates to Manna Food Drive.


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