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Maddie’s new toy!

Last week, we had a dog coming in from Mvuli Road, rescued by 2 of our die-hard volunteers. Maddie is only 6 months old and very slim built. She had a horrible eye infections, her ears were a mess and she had a fractured front leg.

She is currently at the vet getting the proper medication, vaccinations and tender, love and care. At the moment, she is not fit enough yet for adoption, but hopefully she will recover quickly and then we will look for her forever home.

Because her front leg will be in a cast for another while, Mahua Cavanagh was so gracious as to make her a “snufflemat“. Mahua has adopted a dog from TNR called Oreo, who also had his leg broken when he came into TNR. This snufflemat can be used for playing, biting and snuggling, so we look forward to see how Maddie will enjoy her present.

Thank you, Mahua!

If you would like to make a donation towards Maddie’s vet bill, please go to:


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