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Bob/Hanne the Builder brings an early Christmas Present

All puppies grow up, and some of them chose the adventurous way and start climbing out of their pens. That is when our fosters and volunteers take action.

2 of our volunteers threw their resources together: Carla provided the chicken mesh wire and Hanne (who called herself Bob the Builder) brought her 2 hands and her hammer. She was ready for action!

In just a few hours, Hanne had finished building a secure puppy fence at one of the foster homes where they have a litter of puppies.

20171208-FOSTER Renovations 2 adjusted

She made an enclosure with a small opening for the mother, with the water bowl under so hopefully puppies will not swim and claim

You can see above that the foster mom is delighted with her new puppy pen!

Thank you Hanne for all your handiwork!

20171208 Foster - renovation adjusted



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