Out on Call

Toffee’s Adventure: Lost and Found

This is a story which serves as a good reminder to microchip your pet or put a collar & tag on him/her:

Through the kindness of strangers, Toffee (formerly named  “The Ginger Terrier”) was kept from getting hit by a car and they notified TNR Trust to come and help catch the little rascal. After giving us a bit of a merry chase through the woods while trying to dodge ISK School traffic, we were able to catch her and bring her to the vet for a check-up. Toffee had a nasty looking wound that looked like an injury from barbed wire, but she was fine once it was healed up. She also received rabies and tetanus shots and was dewormed.

 As she did not have a microchip, collar or tag, we posted her on our Facebook page and other forums. Fortunately, the owners saw the poster and contacted us! They footed the full vet bill and also gave a donation to TNR Trust.

All the best Toffee! We are glad we were able to reunite you with your lovely family.

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