Caring for Dogs or Cats

TNR INFO: Guard Dogs

Let’s be realistic and not expect our dogs to shield us from armed thieves. The primary use of a guard dog is to bark when strangers are around and alert you so you can take action.

Myth 1:
“A dog locked away in a dark small box will be a fierce guard dog at night.”


Frustrated and unpredictable behavior
a. A dog that is unable to mark territory will be scared and insecure.
b. A dog which has “rested” all day will be hyper-active and unpredictable.


Dogs have a natural behavior. Dogs in the wild live and interrelate with the pack the live in. They also have their own established territory and become aggressive when strange dogs enter this area and they will drive them away or sometimes even kill them.


For More Information, please check out our flyer on Guard Dogs:

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