BFFs from the Start



20171016-Frodo adjustedFrodo arrived with TNR in October 2017 after being abandoned in an empty house in the Karen area. He was about 10-12 weeks old and was (literally) a handful of dog. He seems a terrier cross, but looked a bit like a cross of a fruitbat and a fox :-)

We moved him to a foster home and his rescuer was so generous as to pay his vet bill (vaccinations). He was very clever and very quickly house-trained. He has a lovely personality and is not afraid of anything or anyone.

It didn’t last long until someone saw his picture and immediately wanted to adopt him. He was renamed “Pili” and Pili was going to a home where he would have his very own adventure partner! The mom of Pili’s new family told us that her son and Pili do EVERYTHING together.

We like to thank Pili’s new family from the bottom of our hearts. They truly lived up to the saying:

When you adopt a dog, you adopt a friend for life.

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