He came, he saw, he conquered!

20171010-Jake adjusted

Jake came to TNR Trust totally freaked out. He was rescued off the streets near City Park (Nairobi). After getting neutered and vaccinated at the vet, he had gone to a cattery that overlooked some very curious dogs. Jake was not very happy with that so we moved him into his own “private suite” in a foster house and he quickly turned into a happy, friendly guy who was perfectly able to nicely interact with 2 small calm dogs of the foster parent.

But it wasn’t long that we had him: just a few days after we put up his adoption poster, he got adopted!


We wish Jake all the best at his new forever home!

Published by

TNR Trust

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Release. Our Motto is "Community Health through Animal Welfare" which we aim to achieve by vaccinating against Rabies, educating on Rabies Awareness and spay/neuter to maintain a manageable dog/cat population in and around Nairobi.

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