Oreo was born November 2016. She was found in Westlands at peak hour traffic with a mouthful of fractures: fractured right tibia/fibula (hind leg), ehrlichia positive (bacteria) and an eye infection to top it all off. After the vet had checked her and stabilized her leg, Oreo stayed with a volunteer who had veterinary experience as she needed regular supervision of her wounds. Luckily a generous donor had agreed to cover all vet bills for this little rescue.

When she was fully recovered, she was adopted! We ensured that, when the adopters approached us, that they had a home with lots of room to run and play as Oreo was and is a bundle of energy and joy.

20170603 Class adjusted

After the adoption, Amy (the ‘captain’ of the TNR Trust ship) saw her in 1 of her dog training classes! The Fabulous Oreo and her cast came to watch, to meet with other dogs and with some new humans. She even participated in a stationary exercise that had the other big dogs weaving around her!

We still bump into Oreo from time to time and her adopters have also volunteered at TNR Trust events. We wish her and her family lots of joy together!

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