Found abandoned in Karura Forest (Nairobi), he was firstly advertised as a lost dog for a long time. Unfortunately no one came to claim him. He is a beautiful Spitz/Dachshund mix and was very anxious and scared when he came in. Once he settled at the foster home, he loved racing around and playing with the other puppies there. We reckon that he saw himself as a bit of a father figure.

We decided that we would give Lucky a spa day. TNR Trust took him to a groomer who gave him a thorough clean. His coat was detangled, brushed out, he got a bath, nail trimming and his backside was made “dingleberry-free”. Lucky came out of the spa looking like a little Goldilocks!

When we took him for a checkup at the vets, he acted like the front office manager: he said hi to every person and dog who came in in the most friendly manner.

He finally got adopted by one of our volunteers! 2 cool dudes that found each other!!

Lucky got lucky !!

20171025-Lucky AdoptedIMG-20171025-WA0016

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