Katie was near death from malnourishment, yet she was still an amazing mum to all her 6 pups
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Out on Call in Mwimuto (Nairobi)

In March 2017, TNR Trust received word of an emaciated dog with 6 puppies. We only drove 30 minutes from upmarket Runda to the place, but it was a whole different world at Mwimuto, full of little farms, dirt roads, 1 cow per compound and struggling people.

We were welcomed and thanks to a local dog enthusiast, we got to see the dogs. After giving them some food and talking to the owner of the farm, we go the full story. He already owned a male guard dog, but a few days earlier, a female had taken refuge with her pups. TNR had to quickly decide on a course of action for the next coming days as the mother was near death from malnourishment.

We came back the next day to pick up the female and the pups. After a check-up at the vet for every single one of them, they were put into a foster home. The mother and most puppies have been able to found their forever homes. 1 of them (Dora) is still being fostered but we are still on the lookout for her to find her the perfect fit of a family.

The local dog enthusiast also pointed us to a house of an elderly lady who owned a dog that was hit by a motorbike and ended up with a broken back leg. TNR Trust decided to bring the dog to the vet, who prescribed the dog (now called ‘Simba’) bone movement pills as the fracture could not be fixed. He can now put a bit of weight on the leg

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This work might seem glorious but it is hard. You do not just look out for the dogs, you listen to the people as well and their hardships and troubles. You do not volunteer if your heart is not in it. Because instead of money, you gain a different life perspective and satisfaction.

TNR Trust works solely on volunteers. If you would like to contribute, please go to:





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