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Mama Oreo and her 7 puppies arrived at TNR Trust in June 2017. The puppies were tiny and under 2 weeks old with eyes and ears still closed. She is a terrier mix, only a few years old and was an excellent mother to her furry kids.

Once the pups were weaned, she was happy to run around and play with the other dogs. She seemed to enjoy her well-earned freedom after herding and feeding 7 rascals! She was very playful but also loved a good cuddle at regular intervals.

Our volunteers also taught her basic obedience and general dog manners, to great success! Mama Oreo was a great student.

In August 2017 Oreo was adopted! Her new family had recently lost their much cherished dog to an illness. Oreo is the happy dog to soften their loss.

IMG-20170818-WA0004 adjusted

One of our volunteers did a housevisit checkup with the family in December 2017. Mama Oreo lives in a beautiful place in Machakos with 13 siblings of 6 different breeds, big dogs and small dogs and they all run around happily in the big compound.

20171210-Mama Oreo housevisit 1 adjusted

We wish them all the best and want to thank Mama Oreo’s new adopters for giving this mama a well-deserved home!



2 thoughts on “I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Mama Oreo”

  1. Hello,I would like to adopt a dog,preferably a puppy for a house with garden.I have 2 small kids.
    Who can I contact and where are you located,we would like to pay a visit for my daugter to choose a dog.
    Thanks Daria


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