Bubbles and Bailey came to us when they were tiny, only about 7 weeks old. A good Samaritan saved them after he found them under a car at a busy car park in Nairobi. They were in danger of being driven over and were nearly drowning after a major downpour, so the kind rescuer contacted TNR.

They both underwent a check-up at the vet and went to a foster home. Here they were able to socialize with other dogs, cats, humans and received some basic training.

20171222 Bubbles 1

Bubbles was a star in training! She recently got adopted by Kent. Her sister Bailey also got adopted. They will both be spayed in a few months when they are old enough. ALL adopters commit to this condition (spaying/neutering) as part of our aim to reduce the cat and dog population humanely. The owners also ensured us that they will be yearly vaccinated against rabies.

We wish Bubbles bubbling adventure with her new friend Kent!

20180107-Bubbles adoptedadjusted

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