TNR INFO: Expats and Pets

Welcome to Kenya!
Moving to Kenya truly encompasses the African experience many expats dream of: great weather, large gardens and house help. The ideal place to have a pet!

THINK before you adopt/buy a pet

BUT…a pet can live 10 to 15 years! Are you able to provide a pet with a home for life?Unfortunately, there is an increasing trend amongst expats who simply abandon their cats and dogs in the yard once they leave Kenya. Sometimes this is due to genuine unforeseen circumstances, but often because of lack of planning, inconvenience or considerable costs to export the pet.

For more information, check out our flyer at the following link


Published by

TNR Trust

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Release. Our Motto is "Community Health through Animal Welfare" which we aim to achieve by vaccinating against Rabies, educating on Rabies Awareness and spay/neuter to maintain a manageable dog/cat population in and around Nairobi.

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