Can you help us reach the finish line?


The arrival of the long-awaited TNR Trust Mobile Clinic is imminent! We will be ready to tow out before the ed of the month.

In order to keep the Mobile Clinic in a good condition, we need to build a carport for it while it is parked in Nairobi between trips. To that end, we are in need of the following materials:
  • 4 metal poles, about 3 meters high
  • A horizontal roof frame
  • Mabati sheets (= iron roof sheets) (can be second-hand)
  • Shade netting for the side
  • Bags of cement
 If you have any of the above to donate, you can send us a message or call/message Carla at 0733 739 708. Or if you want to donate money instead of building materials, the Mchanga link works brilliantly for Mpesa, Pay Pal, Stripe and credit cards:
Below are the latest images of the mobile clinic’s interior:

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TNR Trust

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Release. Our Motto is "Community Health through Animal Welfare" which we aim to achieve by vaccinating against Rabies, educating on Rabies Awareness and spay/neuter to maintain a manageable dog/cat population in and around Nairobi.

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