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TNR Trust story in Denmark

Korneel, one of the dogs that was homed thanks to TNR Trust, had her story published on a Danish website! “Dyrerenes beskyttelse” is the biggest animal organization in Denmark and the article was printed in their Kids Club education magazine.

Korneel - the gentle giant.jpg
Korneel’s Story by her adoption family:
Korneel‘s TNR name was Coco. She was born in Kibera with her 2 brothers and taken care of by a security guard. When there was another round of poisoning of dogs to curb in the dog/cat population in Kibera, the guard contacted TNR Trust to come and rescue them.
We went to her foster parent’s home, where she was running around with dogs, cats and people. She wanted to jump straight into our car, so we took it as a sign.
The first day we brought her home, she ran out of the gate without anyone noticing. We looked for her for about 3 hours and finally found her hiding in the gutter in front of our house. She is very playful and is now growing up together with our daughter (they differ about 6 months) under the watchful eye of big sister Pinda.
We took Korneel to puppy class and obedience class here. At the moment, she is the epiphany of a teenager: boisterous, playful, loves giving lots of wet kisses and cuddling. She doesn’t know how long her legs and tail are, so gets very clumsy inside the house.

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