20171002-WA0001 adjusted

Roma was her mother’s lookalike. Mama Oreo and her 7 puppies, including Roma, arrived at TNR Trust in June 2017. The puppies were tiny and under 2 weeks old with eyes and ears still closed. She is a terrier mix, only a few years old and was an excellent mother to her furry kids.

Once the pups were weaned, she was happy to run around and play with the other dogs. She seemed to enjoy her well-earned freedom after herding and feeding 7 rascals!

The puppies were at the vet for quite a while as there was no space for fostering. This wasn’t ideal as one of them would cry when being locked up. But our volunteers would regularly take them for a few hours out of the kennel to play, socialize and cuddle. They were very sweet and gentle furkids, and even enjoyed playing with the 2-year-old of one of our volunteers.

Roma was very playful and sweet. She eventually got adopted by a wonderful and brave lady called Phrashia. Phrashia had already adopted Stevie through TNR Trust. She had always been apprehensive about dogs but asked TNR Trust to help her overcome this unfounded fear with an appropriate dog. Stevie and her love for each other made her overcome this and she decided that he needed a friend when everyone is out.

Thank you Phrashia! And Roma, make sure you take care of your new friends!

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