Stevie had been hanging out on the streets of Nairobi for several months. A good Samaritan provided him with food and water and asked the neighbours not to harass him until TNR Trust could come and move him. Stevie was very friendly, submissive and just wanted to crawl into the laps of our volunteers for cuddles. He had to be treated by the vet for tic fever, but recovered quickly and was put in a foster home.

Once fostered, he remained the same sweet and soppy character and loved hanging out with people and children alike. Even though he was already an older dog, he was very clever and learned leash walking and basic obedience very fast.

He was adopted by a wonderful and brave lady called Phrashia. Phrasia had always been apprehensive about dogs but asked TNR Trust to help her overcome this unfounded fear with an appropriate dog. Stevie and her love for each other made her overcome this.

Just after she adopted Stevie, we received this message from Phrasia: “Stevie is doing great. I’m in love with him and I think it’s both ways. He is such a well-trained dog. Thank you for him. Everyone adores him and he especially likes my paps. He sees him and gets excited”

Phrasia eventually decided that Stevie needed a friend when everyone was out and also adopted Roma through TNR Trust. They do everything together.

We couldn’t have found Stevie a better home or a better family. Thank you Phrasia, and Stevie: make sure you take care of your new family!

20170809 Stevie adopted

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