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TNR Trust in the news!

Yes, yes, yes! TNR Trust was in the NEWS!

VIDEO:  Click on: TNR Trust fights to end rabies by 2030

In October 2017, Carla Viezee (a trustee from TNR Trust) gave an interview to The Star explaining what the intentions and goals are from TNR Trust regarding eradicating rabies in Kenya. 


Rabies is a fatal but preventable disease.  Rabies is a viral disease that is transmitted through the saliva or tissues from the nervous system from an infected mammal to another mammal, usually through a bite.

A guard dog in rural area (Kenya)
A guard dog in rural area (Kenya)

Human mortality from canine rabies is estimated to be 60,000 per year worldwide, with about 56% of the cases occurring in Asia and 43.6% in Africa, mostly in rural areas. This translates to 1 death due to rabies every 10 minutes in the two continents.

In Kenya, it is estimated that up to 2,000 human deaths occur annually due to rabies. Domestic dogs are responsible for transmission of over 98% of all human rabies cases in Kenya


We have 3 aims:  education, vaccination and sterilisation.

The mobile clinic Carla was speaking of is now nearly finished! With this mobile clinic, TNR Trust will be able to visit more remote areas where low-cost vet care is lacking. 

Our Mobile Clinic is nearly finished!
Our Mobile Clinic is nearly finished!

Education will help to make individuals aware of health issues, rabies prevention and how to care for their cats and dogs.

Vaccination against rabies applies to all dogs and cats – pets and strays.  It is cheaper to vaccinate a dog against rabies than to give a person post-exposure prophylaxis (treatment after a dog bite).  Treatment of rabies for people is expensive and not readily available in rural areas, while 1 vaccine for a dog or cat costs about 60 Ksh (including needle syringe)!

Pet cats should also be vaccinated for rabies – they may be exposed while outside and can potentially bring rabies into the home.

Vaccination kit
Vaccination kit

Sterilisation helps to curb in the population of dogs and cats and helps to improve the behaviour of an animal because they no longer go seeking mating partners. It also improves Community Health because uncontrolled animal population exposes them to health Risks like rabies, dog bites by hungry animals and worms. 

For the full story, please click HERE


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