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Volunteering with TNR: Post-Adoption House Visits

When dogs or cats come through TNR Trust, we firstly have them checked by a vet, find a foster home for them and then rehome them with a new and welcoming family or release them back if they had a appropriate place to go.

But when they get adopted, the process is not done yet! To make sure the animal and the family are compatible, we perform a house visit a few weeks after the adoption to ensure the animal has settled in well.

Above is a picture of from a recent house visit to Isabella. Isabella was found in a car park By TNR Trust checking in to see how she was doing, we were able to confirm that she settled in well with her family and other furry friends (a parrot, a labrador and an ancient poodle) and she is being treated like the Queen of the House.

TNR Trust can only reach its aims through volunteers. For Donations, go to:

20171114 Adopted Isabel adjusted



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