20170604 TangoTango was found in a drain pipe at Rosslyn Lonetree Estate together with his 2 siblings without any mother in sigh. They were only about 1 month old and in a horrible condition.

Tango was then moved to a foster home with his litter mates Nero and Pebbles. He started eating like a tiny little horse and loved playing with his siblings and with the bigger dogs at the foster home. Eventually we found him a wonderful new home.

20170714 Tango adj.jpg20180111-House visit

Tango was lucky. His story could not have had such a happy ending. He and his siblings could have just been washed away. The main aim of TNR Trust is to prevent such a thing from happening.

We have 3 pillars: education, vaccination and sterilization. We try to educate the locals of the importance to sterilize and vaccinate their dog. Sterilization will help to reduce the “wandering” urge of the dog to search for a mate. It also reduces the amount of litters being born as often people do not know what to do with the extra dogs and cannot afford to feed them. Vaccination will help improve the overall health of the dog and, as our motto says, COMMUNITY HEALTH THROUGH ANIMAL WELFARE. A healthy dog means that its owner(s) are not exposed to rabies, worms or other diseases.

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