A TNR Volunteer managed to lure Kira with some nice treats
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Out on Call in Runda (Nairobi, Kenya)

At the end of November 2017, 1 of our volunteers got a phone call from a friend. This friend had seen a dog on her way to drop her kids off at school. She noticed it didn’t move much so thought it might be injured. The next day it was still there, leaning against a wall near a bridge under the Northern Bypass.

2 of our volunteers decided to go check it out. They took water, some super-tasty sandwich ham for luring the dog, a leash and a muzzle (dogs might get aggressive when being put in a car, so a muzzle can add some extra security when picking the dog up).

After braving the morning peak-hour traffic, we finally found her. She was a big dog, sitting at the exact spot where the person saw her. The dog was right against a compound wall and reluctant to move. But, we had ham! And water! Eventually, thanks to the veterinary assistant-experience of 1 of the volunteers and a lot of patience, we were able to lure her out of her shell. She eagerly sniffed out the ham, gobbled up the water, and after a couple of tries, we got the muzzle on.

A TNR Volunteer managed to lure Kira with some nice treats
A TNR Volunteer managed to lure Kira with some nice treats
Kira was not showing any signs of aggression, but we put the muzzle on just in case. Note that normally she would have been put in a crate
Kira was not showing any signs of aggression, but we put the muzzle on just in case. Note that normally she would have been put in a crate

We had asked the person who had reported her to us if she wanted to give the dog a name. Her daughter had decided to name her Kira, so Kira it was.

She braved the car ride like a pro. The car of our volunteer was unfortunately not big enough to fit a crate large enough to accommodate Kira, so we put her on the back seat. We got her to the vet immediately, where they did a first checkup. Right in the middle of the examination, Kira fell asleep on the floor. She was exhausted with the morning’s events and being out in the streets without food or water for probably a few days.

She showed some wounds and abrasions, a distended stomach, but the vet noticed something else was not right. After darkening the room and turning off all the lights, he held a small torch to her eyes: no response. After some more detailed examinations, it was clear: Kira was blind. And it had not been a long time that she was that way: she kept her nose to the ground or against someone’s legs just to make sure that she felt contact. She was reluctant to move anywhere on her own. Our volunteers had had to carry her everywhere during the rescue: to the car, from the car to the vet, from the waiting room to the consultation room and from that room to the kennels.

The vet guessed that, since she was found not far from the busy bypass, that she was most likely hit by a car on the road, fallen down the bridge and due to the impact of the accident, caused her to become blind. But your guess is as good as ours.

She had to stay at the vet for quite a few days, was put on medication and got lots of rest. One of the TNR Trust trustees, Carol, heard about Kira’s plight and didn’t need a lot to convince her husband to take in this beautiful little soul.

After about a week, we went to check on Kira how she was doing. She is now an Art Gallery Assistant at the One Off Contemporary Art Gallery, living on a big compound and loves running around with the other dogs there. But her new family had to take it step by step: they taught here how to walk up and down steps, took her around their garden to make her aware of the smells and the area.

20171207_ Kira Adjusted 2


This work might seem glorious but it is hard. We depend on the goodwill of volunteers and on donations of the public to foot our bills at the vet, to feed the dogs/cats at foster families, and so much more.

If you would like to contribute towards TNR Trust, please go to:  https://secure.changa.co.ke/myweb/share/3103#.VQrdmV9UU80.facebook

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