Cora being cuddled by her new friend!



Usually we write up the story of a TNR dog, but in this case, Cora’s new family has written a story about her!

Have you adopted a TNR dog and do you want to tell us a bit about how your pup or cat is settling in, please email your story to and we will gladly share it!

Cora joined our family end of February 2017 and now we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.
The volunteers at TNR do such an amazing job rescuing, fostering, and finding forever homes for the animals under their care. Cora already knew a few commands and we have trained her to follow a few more, including to leave our cats alone. She is great with our young kids, especially our eldest who is five. We joke that she is a giant lap dog because she loves to sit on us while giving us hugs and kisses. She also loves long walks in the forest. In the words of my daughter, she is the “bestest dog in the whole world” and we absolutely adore her.

Cora 3Cora 2Cora 1


1 thought on “I HAVE BEEN ADOPTED! Cora”

  1. The perception that only the rich or the middle class can adopt this Beautiful Creatures should be erased by educating the masses why adoption, neutering, spraying and vaccinations is very important to Man’s Best Friend.


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