Adoption, Fostering



Poppy was the clown in her foster family. She was very intelligent and intently followed every action there was to see and participate in in the compound. But, at the same time, she was incredibly gentle. She could be so mischievous that it could only make you smile!

She has found a beautiful home and we wish her lots of adventures and cuddles!

20170426 Poppy

Poppy adjusted

Often people wonder: why do you put the animals in temporary foster homes?

It is actually very logical: when the dog or cat gets put into a foster family, it has exposure to an actual home. This means lots more training can be done, the animal can socialize with humans and other animals, house training can be included, etc.

The results? Our dogs often have a head-start and can easily adjust to living with a new family. Poppy was playful with cats and dogs as she met them in her foster home. She also learned to socialize with humans and loved getting lots of attention.

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