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TNR Trust Art Auction


In September 2017, Carol Lees from the One Off Art Gallery organized an Silent Art Auction. It was astonishing how many artist donated wonderful pieces to this event. All te proceedings of this silent auction went to the kitting out of our Mobile Clinic. This Mobile Clinic will do vaccination, sterilization and education and will be heading out very soon to the rural and low-income areas.


Our endless gratitude and thanks go to Timothy Brooke, Yony Waite, Eric Gitonga, Olivia Pendergast, Anthony Russell, Milena Weichelt, Nadia Kisseleva and Bruce and Marian Hobson (for their contribution of three beautiful pieces), Tabatha wa Thuku, Leena Shah, Marc van Rampelberg, Gabriela Trzebinski, Annick Mitchell, Mandy Bonnell, Sibylla Martin and Christina Wilson.

And last not but least, we thank CAROL LEES from the bottom of our hearts for setting this whole event up!

Check out the art works that were donated at the following link: TNR Trust Art Auction

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