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I GOT ADOPTED! Chania’s Story

Chania knew hardship upon arrival to this world. Her mother, a three-legged dog we nicknamed “Tuktuk”, gave birth to 10 puppies. Tuktuk struggled very hard to feed all her 10 babies as her kind owner unfortunately had no income to pay for her food.

When the puppies got into the TNR Trust Foster Care system, they developed themselves a lot faster, mentally and physically. They loved playing with the adult fosters and enjoyed learning basic obedience commands.

Chania was a bit shy at times and a very calm dog. She also loved playing with her siblings and other dogs and was an absolute star during her training sessions.

Chania eventually got adopted by the same family that would adopt Rakker later on (see: Rakker’s Story ). These 2 have become great snuggle and play friends who live in a warm in comfy home with a loving family!

TNR Trust is all about education, vaccination and sterilization. But we also have to see the bigger picture: communities and people are important too. We took all Tuktuk’s puppies into foster care and convinced the owner to spay Tuktuk to avoid any future litters and headaches. We even assisted the owner in finding a job for him! To find out more of what TNR Trust does, please click HERE to learn more about us.

Chania adjusted

20170911-Chania and Rakker Housevisit

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