Fostering: A Noble Deed Indeed

Remember our little Frodo? (Adoption story: click HERE)

Frodo was abandoned - he arrived at TNR Trust as a hand-full of scrawny fluff
Frodo was abandoned – he arrived at TNR Trust as a hand-full of scrawny fluff

Frodo arrived with TNR in October 2017 after being abandoned in an empty house in the Karen area. He was about 10-12 weeks old and was (literally) a handful of dog. Frodo was tiny and quite dehydrated when he arrived in the hands of TNR Trust.

Because TNR Trust does not only stick to its core of “Education, Sterilization and Vaccination”, we also help people if they come across abandoned/injured/stray dogs. This is an area that we have in common with the wonderful institution of KSPCA in Lavington.

Because Frodo was so scrawny, we put him into a foster home while we were looking for a good home for him. He needed a bit of extra Tender Love and Care to develop physically and mentally.

Fostering has benefits for both the foster family and the fostered dog:

Frodo enjoying playtime at his foster home
Frodo enjoying playtime at his foster home


  • It is an idea situation if you are only here temporarily, really want a dog but you are not sure how long you will be here or if you have money to transport your pet when you move again.
  • You get lots of love, cuddles and
  • You get a big deal of satisfaction, seeing the dog thrive under your personal care and, eventually, becoming the wonderful pet of a loving home


  • The dog receives a head-start: he/she can easily adjust to living with a new family.
  • The dog can receive some 1-on-1 training in basic obedience
  • Socialization with humans and other animals can be done in a safe environment
  • “Potty- training” (aka house-trained) can be done before the dog goes to his/her new home.

If you are interested in fostering, check out Become a Foster Parent

As for Frodo (now baptized “Pili”): he found an amazing home and a Best Friend!

BFFs from the Start
BFFs from the Start

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TNR Trust

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter and Release. Our Motto is "Community Health through Animal Welfare" which we aim to achieve by vaccinating against Rabies, educating on Rabies Awareness and spay/neuter to maintain a manageable dog/cat population in and around Nairobi.

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