Dora Extraordinaire!

DORA, a foster parent extraordinaire

Dora is one of our somewhat longer stay fosters. Yet she is very special in her endearing behaviour towards any newcomers who are often nervous or depressed on arrival.
The picture below shows Dora mothering over Wangari, who was abandoned in the forest and arrived in shock. Wangari was adopted very quickly, yet Dora is still here.
Dora is the mother of all fosters. She greets everyone in the morning when they go out in the yard, whether they large or small, cats and dogs. She plays with all the dogs until everyone collapses from satisfied exhaustion. She always looks for adventure and the pack follows her to be entertained. She LOVES playing with the bigger dogs, but is just as good playing by herself with a toy.
In the house she is calm and just sleeps on her blanket at night.  She is good on the leash and helps teach puppies to do the same. She is 100% friendly girl and is fine with children too. She must be with another medium size dog so she sheds her energy. She is a very gentle dog but an excellent guard dog too.  She is spayed and micro chipped and 1 year old.
Please email if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

If you are interested in adopting Dora, please contact TNR Trust via:
Carla 0733 739 708 or Hanne 0703 358 975 (sms)

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