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I GOT ADOPTED! Mara’s Story

Mara knew hardship upon arrival to this world. Her mother, a three-legged dog we nicknamed “Tuktuk”, gave birth to 10 puppies. Tuktuk struggled very hard to feed all her 10 babies as her kind owner unfortunately had no income to pay for her food.

20170320 Jackson pup training
3 foster pups getting some good training

When the puppies got into the TNR Trust Foster Care system, they developed themselves a lot faster, mentally and physically. They loved playing with the adult fosters and enjoyed learning basic obedience commands.

Mara was the smallest but also the naughtiest!! But when it came to obedience training, she was 100 percent committed. She eventually got adopted by a wonderful family.

Mara house visit adj.jpg

TNR Trust aims to curb in the dog and cat populations into a smaller, healthier population. We were able to convince the owner to spay Tuktuk to avoid any future litters and headaches. The new loving owners of Mara also signed a adoption contract, stating that they agree to spay her when she is of proper age (6 – 8 months old, after consulting vet).

If you want to know more details on why TNR Trust insists on including spaying/neutering in the adoption contract, please click HERE for our flyer on Neutering your Pet

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