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I GOT ADOPTED! Soya’s Story

Soya knew hardship upon arrival to this world. Her mother, a three-legged dog we nicknamed “Tuktuk”, gave birth to 10 puppies. Tuktuk struggled very hard to feed all her 10 babies as her kind owner unfortunately had no income to pay for her food.

When the puppies got into the TNR Trust Foster Care system, they developed themselves a lot faster, mentally and physically. They loved playing with the adult fosters and enjoyed learning basic obedience commands.

20170320 Jackson pup training
3 foster pups getting some good training

Soya was big girl and when she was growing up, we thought she would be a sturdy (but also sweet and floppy) body builder! So we are sure that, now that she got adopted, she will be a great pet and guard dog at her new loving home!

For Soya to be an effective guard dog, her natural instincts must be respected and nurtured. Here are some of our tips on how to “create” a fantastic guard dog:

  1. Making friends

Soya’s new owners will have to get to know her properly. They can do this by playing, feeding, walking, training, etc. This way Soya will form a bond with her new owners and recognize them as members of her pack.

  1. Allowing her to roam the compound

Soya will be able to mark his territory and get some exercise that will avoid boredom, depression and unpredictable behaviour.

  1. Satisfying her essential needs

The new owners will have to ensure that Soya has all the basics she needs to be happy and healthy: sufficient food, fresh water and a proper sized shelter that keeps out the rain and the cold and allows for a toilet area away from her bed; just like humans, dogs hate soiling their sleeping area so Soya’s shelter should remain clean at all times.

For more detailed information on Guard Dogs, please click HERE for our flyer on “Guard Dogs: Myths vs Truth”

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