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Before and After: Transformation

It’s good to be reminded sometimes of why TNR Trust Nairobi does the things it does.

Below is a beautiful comparison of a BEFORE, DURING and AFTER of Blitzen.

Note that TNR Trust Nairobi relies mainly on bequests and donations from the public. We rely on public support in order to continue to do the work we do. There are various ways to support and get involved with TNR Trust Nairobi. If you are interested, check out this link: Get Involveda


Blitzen was a scrawny pup when we rescued her off the streets in Nairobi. She was severely dehydrated, had a heavy parasite burden and was malnourished. The TNR volunteer that rescued her gave her some food, examined her and cleaned her up.

IMG-20171223-WA0007 (1) s.jpg



This is Blitzen at her foster home. She got cleaned up, nails cut and had had a full dose of medication.

IMG-20180112-WA0001 adjusted


This is a picture of Blitzen at her new home. Her foster family actually adopted her as they had completely fell in love with this little pup! Check out the little potbelly!! 

IMG-20180124-WA0015 adjusted

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