We have some beautiful rescues who need loving homes.

Please email if you are interested in adopting any one of our fantastic furry friends!

Contact: TNR Trust Nairobi via:
Carla 0733 739 708 or Hanne 0703 358 975 (sms)

TNR Trust requires an approved adoption contract, a donation of 8000 ksh to help cover vaccinations/food and a requisite follow-up home visit.

New owners must commit to spaying/neutering


20171122 Dora20171122 Dora 2

DORA foster parent extraordinaire!
Dora is very special in her endearing behaviour towards any newcomers who are often nervous or depressed on arrival. She greets everyone in the morning when they go out in the yard -large and small, cats and dogs. She plays with all the dogs until everyone is exhausted.

She LOVES playing with the bigger dogs, but is just as good playing by herself with a toy. In the house she is calm. She is good on the leash. She is is fine with children too. She must be with another medium size dog so she sheds her energy.

She is a very gentle dog but an excellent guard dog too. She is spayed and micro chipped and 1 year old. She deserves her own family. Would you like to be the lucky one?


20180114 Chubbs

20180208-Chubbs 2.png

Chubbs-1 yr & neutered- was born a gentle soul.

He loves to play, especially with kids. He has been living with small kids, a large dog and a cat, who was his best friend.

He knows all his basic commands and is good on the leash. He even sits still for photos!
He is ready for his own family.


20180208 Chebet 4 adj20180208 Chebet 10 adj

Being a keen runner we called her Chebet. She is the new clown in the group and would be very happy to partner with a running adopter! She is totally friendly and confident and loves scooting around the compound.

She is small medium (15kg) so she can be in an apartment, but only if you will spend a lot of time walking her. A compound would allow her to shed her energy.

She is spayed, 1.5 yrs and the best of local beauty.


20180202-Farah adjusted20180208 Farah 13 adj

Farah, our pretty queen was picked up from Corner Baridi with her pups. She spent some time learning to be confident at KSPCA. Since she arrived at TNR, she has turned
rapidly into a keen and loving dog who loves being with people.

At 45cm at the shoulder she is a good fit for people in an apartment. She is fine with other dogs and very sweet with people. She is spayed and about 3 yrs.


Gorgeous Mum Timmy and her pups were rescued from a dangerous building site. Bonzo, Sandy and Giza are all boys

Timmy is about 3 years old, light boned and medium size (15kg), extremely friendly and confident with people. She would make a wonderful pet for a family with children over 8 years old.

With their broad chests, we think the pups will grow to be bigger sized dogs.

Mummy Timmy
Mummy Timmy

20180218 TimmyPup_ Male3 (GIZA) WITH LOGOSandy male with logo


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