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Cantina Tequila: Fundraising Event

TNR Trust joined hands with FONDA NBO and the BENNIES to raise funds and tequila glasses at this Fundraiser!

  • Fonda NBO is the wonderful new Mexican restaurant in Rosslyn Riviera Mall, Limuru Road (Runda).
  • The Bennies are kind-hearted souls who always go the extra mile. Plus they know a whole lot about Tequila!

Come and join us for what promises to be a fun-filled night with tequila tasting and a pop quiz! For all this fun, it will only be Kshs 2,000 pp with the proceeds going to TNR Trust. Ticket price includes non-alcoholic welcome drink + tequila tasting + bitings.

Call Edee or FONDA NBO for details and to book your table. Booking in advance is required. Payment at venue. Contact information can be found in the poster below.

NEW Poster Cantina Tequila - Fonda NBO

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