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I GOT ADOPTED! Billy’s Story

Billy came from a litter of 4 pups. Together with mother, his 2 sister and 1 brother, he was rescued by a film crew in Limuru (Kenya). They were brought to the KSPCA (Kenya Society for the Protection and Care of Animals). TNR Trust and KSPCA were able to educate and convince the owner on the importance of having the mother spayed and vaccinated before returning the dog to its owner. 

Spaying (or neutering) is a humane way to address the issue of over-population. It reduces the population drastically and permanently. It creates healthy, stronger animals, especially the females. In combination with education on animal welfare and rabies, as well as giving rabies vaccinations to animals, everyone is safe. Unlike random poisoning, sterilisation is a long term, permanent solution. For more information on Spaying/Neutering pets, please click HERE for our flyer.

As TNR Trust often assists the KSPCA with finding homes for rescued dogs and cats, this batch of little rescues made its way to us once they were old enough to be separated from the mother.  

Billy was always a very affectionate dog. While his siblings would shy away, he was all over his foster mum!

He was very lucky and got adopted by a TNR volunteer. The volunteer’s 12-year-old dog had passed away and the family wanted a dog worthy of following in their dog’s footsteps.

20171014-Billy adopted adj

We recently went to visit Billy at his new home, and he turned out to be the perfect match for this family! Don’t you just love his bat-like ears?

20180222-Billy 1 adj

20180222-Billy 4 adj

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