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Out on Call: A Runda Construction Site is no place to raise puppies…

At the beginning of February, TNR Trust got contacted by a lady who had noticed the pledge of a family of dogs in Runda. A female dog and her 4 puppies were staying at a construction site and the caretaker was feeding them with food that the lady provided.

When we talked to the caretaker, he was willing to get them off site as the puppies were getting mobile and a construction site is a dangerous place for tiny dogs!

Timmy and pups when we found them at the construction site
Timmy and pups when we found them at the construction site

As TNR Trust could not find a foster family to home the dogs, one of our trustees took them in. Volunteers were made aware of the situation and we ensured that anyone going in or out of that kennel would take the necessary precautions as the pups and mum still needed to be vaccinated and dewormed.

The puppies were nice and fat, but this was not because they were healthy!! They had worms and we had to administer de-worming tablets multiple times to get them healthy again.

Timmy (the mum) was in need of gaining some weight. She would give everything she took in to her puppies and was a true mother to every single one of them. Towards people she has proven to be very friendly as well and, if not being harassed by her offspring or catching up on some sleep-deprived hours, very willing to engage in cuddling and playing with humans.

It's tough, being a mother!
It’s tough, being a mother!

Once the puppies were weaned and Timmy put on some weight, we started looking for a new home for every one of them. Timmy, Sandy, Doa and Bonzo have already found their new families. Giza (male) is still looking for a loving home!

20180218 TimmyPup_ Male3 (GIZA) WITH LOGO

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