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Volunteering with TNR: Post-Adoption House Visits

Some of our volunteers do house visits after an animal gets adopted through TNR Trust. We perform this extra service a few weeks after the adoption to make sure that the animal and his/her new family are compatible and that the animal has settled in well.

Below is a picture of a happy pup called King. King came to our care when he was about 18 months old and had been hanging around a school in Nairobi for a few days.

King was full of ticks, fleas, very thin but super friendly. Fortunately a Kenyan lady wanted a meet and greet with Mister King, who charmed her by his friendliness and high affection levels.

The house visit showed the TNR Trust volunteer that King was very happy with his new family and his new home.  The below picture was taken when he was just adopted. We think it speaks more than words!

20170530 King adopted adj.jpg

When dogs or cats come through TNR Trust, we firstly have them checked by a vet, find a foster home for them and then rehome them with a new and welcoming family or release them back if they had a appropriate place to go. When they get rehomed, a house visit follows.

TNR Trust can only perform all these services thanks to its volunteers.

For Donations, go to:

If you are thinking of becoming a TNR Trust Volunteer, please go to:

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