Looking for a jogging partner? Meet CHEBET!

Because TNR Trust had a spot available in their kennels, we went to KSPCA to select a few dogs to relieve them from a few mouths to feed.

Chebet was one of the lucky ones. We noticed her in a run with loads of other dogs. She was a very keen runner (hence her name Chebet!) and loved exploring and sniffing about once we took her out of the run. 

Once we got her to the TNR Trust kennels and our volunteers started socializing with her, she blossomed further in a friendly and loving dog. She would actually try and stick her head under your arm to get as close to you as possible.

20180208 Chebet 4 adj

She walks very well on leash and even better in a walking harness. As she loves running, she would make a wonderful jogging partner! But even though she is active, she is not a hyper dog and can settle down very nicely for cuddles.

20180208 Chebet 10 adj

She is small medium (15kg) so she can be a perfect fit for an apartment, as long as she gets regular walks/jogs.

She is spayed, 1.5 years old and the best of local beauty. Chebet is currently staying in a foster family where she loves playing with the other dog.

Chebet and the foster's Ridgeback playing while sheltering from the pouring rain
Chebet and the foster’s Ridgeback playing while sheltering from the pouring rain

20180316-Chebet foster adj.jpg

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