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Abandoned by Expatriates?

 Wangari was named after the famous and compassionate “spirit” of Karura Forest. 
The person who had this dog made an elaborate plan to conceal his true intention: to abandon it. TNR Trust was called out to help catch Wangari and after a long and merry chase, TNR Trust managed to capture her with the help of some members of the public.
Though she hadn’t been in the forest for long, she was very already skittish and afraid.  However, Wangari was a very well looked-after animal, trained and spayed. Did an expatriate wait too long to find her a good home and left the dog with his staff member “hoping for the best? “
Wangari upon arrival in TNR care: Very skittish and shy
Wangari upon arrival in TNR care: Very skittish and shy
 Being an expat means that you are only living in Kenya temporarily. Sometimes a departure can be very sudden. Deciding at the last minute to find your pet another home can be disastrous for the pet. You can’t find a home in two weeks, you leave the country and thus leave the pet and a bag of food with the staff.
But consider this: they may have taken care of him whilst you were around, but they won’t have the money to continue the same level of care once you have gone. Often your pet will be abandoned, neglected or worse: abused. If not sterilized, the staff member might sell the animal to a puppy or kitten mill, where they will be bred to death. (For more information, click HERE for the TNR Flyer on “Expats and Pets”)
Wangari got lucky: a family who wanted to adopt a puppy, loved Wangari at first sight as she looked so sad and yet was so gentle. They went away with puppy Jimmy and Wangari! They are best of friends and Wangari is assured she will be with her family until she dies of old age.
Jimmy and Wangari cuddled up together. SO MUCH LOVE!!
Jimmy and Wangari cuddled up together. SO MUCH LOVE!!

Unlike so many expat dogs that have new owners every 3 years. Remember that treating animals as ‘hand-me downs may cause anxiety and changes in behaviour.  Wangari still feels the effects of her abandonment. The family works daily on gaining her self confidence back.

Wangari's new family
Wangari’s new family

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