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Full House Crisis at KSPCA

TNR Trust and KSPCA have an intimate working relationship. We also regularly pay them a visit to keep up-to-date with their workings and the situation at their kennels.

Last week a few volunteers from TNR Trust went for such a visit to KSPCA and were shocked. TNR Trust has a few dogs and cats at their fostering volunteers, but the amount of dogs and cats at the KSPCA Shelter was of a much higher level

The statistics will tell you the full situation:

  • about 200 dogs
  • more than 50 cats

On top of this, KSPCA does not receive any government support and, just like TNR Trust, KSPCA relies entirely on donations of the public.

You can support KSPCA through various ways:

  • Adopt one of these beautiful dogs and cats and give them a second chance
  • Make a donation to KSPCA at . Any amount is welcome as this will help them in their daily activities from feeding the pets, vaccination etc.
  • Attend a KSPCA Event. The next event is on Saturday 21st April: KSPCA DOG BRUNCH at Sankara, Woodvale Garden, Nairobi

But first and foremost: we should take up responsibility regarding our pets by taking care of them, feeding them well and support responsible breeding. By doing so, we shall have less unwanted dogs and cats that need to be rehomed, easing the pressure from KSPCA.

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7 thoughts on “Full House Crisis at KSPCA”

  1. Hello…my name’s are Kennedy..Dog owner too…I would like to start supporting pets at KSPCA.
    If you have days where you need helping hand in cleaning, grooming the dogs etc.I wish I could adopt one but currently have 4 dogs.
    Let me know if this small help from time to time would make a difference.


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