A Queen fit for a “Royal” Apartment

20180202-Farah adjusted

Farah, our pretty queen was picked up from Corner Baridi with her pups. She spent some time learning to be confident at KSPCA.

Because TNR Trust had a spot available in their kennels, we went to KSPCA to select a few dogs to relieve them from a few mouths to feed. Farah was one of them. We found her hidden away in a corner, trying to have a bit of peace and quite.

She wasn’t very keen on going with us and was trying to run away. We put her in a crate for her own safety, but she was very eager to sniff around. Since she arrived at TNR, she has turned rapidly into a keen and loving dog who loves being with people.

Farah’s Assets:

  • Good fit for being an apartment dog (45cm at the shoulder)
  • Fine with other dogs
  • Very sweet with people
  • Spayed
  • About 3 years old

We gave her a royal name as she looks so stunning! She has her own built-in cape with long fur at the shoulders and shorter fur at the back.

Our TNR Kennel Hand Volunteers have been getting to know her a lot during their walk, cuddle and play time with her. What is their impression of Farah?

“Farah seems to be very calm but sure loves company and cheese! 🙂 She behaves really good walking on leash. She is still a bit afraid of cars when walking but is starting to tolerate them when being offered tasty treats. She has also been playing wonderfully with the other dogs.

She is okay when getting a bath and loves to be brushed on the main part of her body. But we have to be careful with her tail as it had been broken, so we always need to make sure we are very gentle there.” (Whitney, TNR Kennel Hand Volunteer)

Not convinced yet? Let’s hear it from another person!

“Farah is very sweet and I love to go on walks with her. She LOVES praise: she gets very happy when she gets rewarded with treats or with love for doing something good.

She is a curious dog and loves to sniff during walks. Farah is also very good at leaving things alone when we tell her not to.” (Mahua, TNR Kennel Hand Volunteer)

Farah and her friend Chebet love tasty treats!
Farah and her friend Chebet love tasty treats!
Gorgeous Coat for a Gorgeous Queen
Gorgeous Coat for a Gorgeous Queen
Can you withstand these puppy eyes?
Can you withstand these puppy eyes?
Playtime with the others
Playtime with the others

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