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It’s Raining Cats and Dogs…

When you wait ages for a bus, then suddenly three arrive. This is exactly what TNR Trust has been experiencing, except a whole matatu fleet of cats and dogs seemed to have arrived at our doorstep at the same time!

Amy Rapp, the TNR “Captain”, can give you a better idea of what TNR Trust is facing at the moment by what she posted yesterday:

My phone went non stop all day today: pregnant cats needing a home to give birth, a dog hit by a car needing a medical foster, people wanting to collect loaner cat traps, 4 dogs right the opposite side of town at a construction site needing to be collected for vaccination and spay/neuter, …

Where will we put all these animals and how will we fund it?? I am now going to bed with a book to hopefully shut off my brain about animals for few hours.”

– Amy Rapp, Monday 16 April 2018

So what is it exactly that we do? TNR TRUST has 3 main pillars: vaccination, sterilization and education. With these 3 pillars, we want to improve Community Health by making sure the dog and cat populations are under control (in a humane way) and healthy. This also reduces the risk of people getting dog bites.

TNR TRUST also goes out on call when we receive a phone call from a member of the public. Note that we are in a better position to provide help if the caller can also help. Help can be given in various ways:

  • A donation towards the costs of negotiated vet care (Click HERE to donate)
  • Help with trapping
  • Transporting the animal
  • Vet visits
  • Fostering
  • Returning the animal (if possible) to where it was found (As per our Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) strategy)


2 thoughts on “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs…”

  1. Hello. I am a student on attachment in Kajiadobut I am a great lover of dogs and cats (we have two dogs and two cats at our home in Kilifi). I’ve been interested in having a pet for my apartment, but since I can’t afford to adopt one at the moment, I was wondering if I was a suitable candidate for fostering. I was also wondering if you guys have a dog suitable for guarding, like a dog who’ll be friendly only to my family and not so friendly to strangers. Your response will be greatly appreciated. Cheerio


    1. Hi Barbara,
      Thank you for your interest!

      Most Kenyan Shepherds are born guard dogs: affectionate yet still vigilant when it comes to guarding their home. You can find the dogs we have up for adoption on this link: . Otherwise, KSPCA has a big variety of dogs available at the moment.

      If you are considering becoming a foster, kindly click on this link: . You will find flyers at this link regarding the TNR Fostering Program and the paperwork you will need to fill in.


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