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Why is spaying/neutering important?

A caring cat owner from Kawangware, Nairobi asked for our assistance on 22nd March, 2018. Her cat Amani had just given birth to 3 kittens and, due to harsh economic times, she could not afford to feed all 4 of them.

TNR Trust took all 4 cats to one of our Vet Surgeons where the three Kittens were dewormed and vaccinated and Mommy Amani was vaccinated and spayed. Amani meaning Peace is the name of the mother, the three kittens yet to be named. 

IMG-20180409-WA0006Amani was taken back to the owner, now recovering after being spayed. The 3 kittens went to a lovely foster home. Cleo and William have been adopted, but Harvey is still looking for a new home. Picture below!!

Harvey is still up for adoption
Harvey is still up for adoption

TNR Trust brought about another win-win situation: the owner, Amani and the Kittens are happy and have a much better future ahead of them!

What do the terms ‘Spaying’ & ‘Neutering’ mean?

  • Spay (females) and neuter (males) are surgical procedures performed by a vet to prevent animals from reproducing
  • Spaying consists of removing the uterus and the ovaries. Neutering involves removal of the testicals.
  • ”Sterilisation’, ‘fixing’ or ‘altering’ are terms also used

Click HERE to understand why TNR Trust urges cat (and dog) owners to spay/neuter their pets.

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