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Community Health: Your Business?

Several residents around Mvuli Road contacted TNR Trust as there was a growing concern about the pack of street dogs living together with several street people.

 As the number expanded, people got more concerned about safety: risk of rabies and dog bites as well as the risk of dogs being hit by cars. TNR Trust asked KSPCA to help with the first contact with the street men. One dog was injured due to a car accident. The men were open to the idea of check ups for the dogs and vaccinations. Three were taken in, treated for tick fever, mange and vaccinated against rabies.
Over several months a team of ‘creative’ volunteers built up a good relationship with the street men, such that all the adult and puppy dogs (about 10 animals) got vaccinated against rabies, DHLP and dewormed with the help of Dr S. Ghalay of Davis and Ghalay Veterinary Clinic and Dr M. Olum of Jacaranda Veterinary Clinic. We also embarked on a humane way of preventing further litters. Many thanks for the wonderful support by these vets without whom we could not make this such a success.
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Two puppies were rescued in the process: Maddie had been kicked by someone and had a broken leg and Blitzen was a tiny pup in very poor condition. Happily, they both recovered and have been adopted whilst the rest of the pack is generally well and happy where they live.
Hopefully, they will become less over time. The TNR Volunteer team will keep on checking on them. They also ensured that the street men got food and some shoes, which made them very happy.

Mvuli Road residents:

As we took action on your request, would you be willing to donate to help cover the costs of this work? We would like to vaccinate yearly to ensure that these dogs are healthy and safe. Would you ensure we can?

Click HERE to give a donation

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