Out on Call, What We Do

Trap, Neuter and Release: What we do


All dogs and cats that go through our hands get trapped, receive vet care, vaccinations, get spayed/neutered and (if possible) they are released again in the same area.

If Release is not possible, TNR Trust looks for a new home for the dog/cat. In Katie’s case, the release part was not possible as she had roamed into the compound of a low-income household who already had a dog and could not afford to feed 2 dogs. 

The picture above on the right shows Katie at her forever home. She overcame starvation and escaped an inch from death. All her puppies (Except for 1 – Dora) have been re-homed.

TNR Trust aims for Community Health through Animal Welfare, and we work towards this goal 1 dog (or cat) at a time. This is all possible by donations from the public as we do not receive government funding.

We started in 2015 and have already come a very long way. That is why we would like to take this opportunity to say this to everyone who have already donated to our cause

Thank you

And last but not least, here is a video of Katie, who is now able to be a proper dog, doing what dogs do best!


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